The hole former Lake Found on Mars

LONDON - A satellite owned by the European Space Agency (ESA) has perpetuated the image of a curve in the surface of Mars is thought to be former ancient lake.

Dark-colored sedimentary rocks that line the Eberswalde delta at the end of the hole indicates that formerly existed currents flowing on the surface of Mars are rocky planets. Similarly, as quoted by The Register, Wednesday (09/07/2011).

Photos displayed by the ESA Mars Express, which focus on Eberswalde hole showed that the possibility of water on Mars. NASA's own party will send its Rover vehicles this year to investigate one of these giant holes, such as The Gale Crater.

Water today is still exist on Mars, in the form of ice or frozen in the planet's atmosphere supertipis. However, scientists believe once existed lakes and the sea on the Red Planet.

"Channels in the hole can be seen quite clearly from above. Formerly the area may be a lake," said the ESA.

"The structure of this delta, which was first identified by aircraft from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor, have the character of a lake. Just as the channels with a darker-colored rocks," they concluded.

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